An urgent appeal for the weavers’ community Tewuni rai, village of Pedèro, Savu island, Indonesia

House in Ledetadu, Savu
House in Pedero, Savu

The cyclone Seroja early April this year devastated large parts of the Lesser Sundas islands of eastern Indonesia. On the island of Savu, the weavers’ village of Pedèro was particularly badly hit. Brick houses lost their roofs and parts of their walls. In Ledetadu, the ancestral heart of the village, wooden houses either tilted or collapsed entirely. Please see the YouTube link below. Additionally heavy rainfall flattened paddy fields and the fields of sorghum, corn and peanuts destroying the crops. This is an appeal for help for the villagers in order to rebuild their houses and survive through the dry season which has just started and will last until the end of the year.

All proceeds will go directly to the community. Thank you for your help!

All donations already made for the building of a Weavers house planned for 2022 are redirected for the repairs of existing houses until July 2021.

Geneviève Duggan
Anthropologist specialised on the history and culture of the island of Savu, Indonesia.

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Your donation can be made through the site of Tracing Patterns Foundation
Designation: Meet the Makers – Tewuni rai.

Or you can donate through gogetfunding:

For a donation in IDR in Indonesia
Bank BRI
Acc nr: 467301018136531
Name: Kelompok Tenun Ikat Tewuni Rai
Reference: House rebuild Savu

founding house 2021

The founding house of the village in April 2021…

founding house 2017

… and in 2017