2008PhD. Anthropology, National University of Singapore
1998M.A. Anthropology, University of Heidelberg, Germany
1973B.A. German literature, University of Strasbourg, France
1971Teaching Certificate French & German (C.A.P.E.G.C)
1968-1971French and German studies, University of Besançon, France
Research interests
Southeast Asia and more specifically Indonesia
Textiles and weaving traditions in SEA
Social memory; oral history; non-literate societies
Pre-modern religions
Cognitive processes
Kinship and moieties organisation; genealogies
Current research
Stories, histories, life histories; the cutting edge between history and memory on the island of Savu, NTT.
Survey of terminology in eastern Indonesian languages for spinning, dyeing and weaving processes.
2010- 2013Visiting Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.
2004Honorary curator of exhibitions in Jakarta, Darma Wangsa, and in London, Horniman Museum.
2002- ongoingAdvise and assist museums in building collections of Savu textiles.
1999- ongoingLecturing activities in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and Australia on Savu related topics: textiles, social organization, memory and history.
1990- 1994Guest lecturer, Spice Islands Cruises, Indonesia.
French: mother tongue
English: fluent
German: fluent
Indonesian: proficient
Savunese: working knowledge