Conferences and lectures

11 June 1999. ‘Savunese ikat weavings: a sister-brother network’.  International ikat  forum. Kuching.

21 June 1999. ‘Woven metaphors and gendered symbolism in Savunese textiles’. International conference on traditional textiles of Indonesia and Asia. Bali. (Unpublished).

6 November 2001. Savu from myth to modernity. Indonesian Heritage Society. Jakarta: Erasmus Huis. (Unpublished).

12 October 2002. ‘Tradition, heritage, collectors and  tourists, a field report from Savu, eastern Indonesia’. 20th Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Studies UK (ASEASUK). London: Horniman Musuem.

 2 March 2004. ‘Can traditional societies survive tourism?’ Indonesian Heritage Society. Jakarta: Erasmus Huis. (Unpublished).

16 June 2004. ‘Blossoms of the Palm; seeds of history’. Oxford: Asia Textile Group.

21 June 2004. ‘Tissés d’histoire(s). Ikats de Savu (Indonésie) comme repères historiques’. Paris: Musée de l’Homme.

8 November 2006. ‘Tissages sacrés de Savu, petites îles de la Sonde’. Genève: Musée d’Ethnographie.

26 July 2007.’A different view on boundaries in pre-colonial Southeast Asia’. 2nd Graduate Forum. Singapore: ARI/ NUS. (Unpublished).

14 September 2007. To eat or not to eat; Commensality and food prohibition, Savu eastern Indonesia‘. 5th EUROSEAS Conference. University of Naples: ‘L’Orientale’.

23 July 2008. ‘Power of memory: the Kelara people of Savu, a myth deconstructed’. 5th International Symposium of Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia. Banjarmasin: University of Lambung Mangkurat. (Unpublished).

 5 November 2008. ‘People without history; Memory and history of the people of Savu, eastern Indonesia’. Dept of Sociology, National University of Singapore.

2 October 2009. ‘Kognitive Prozesse in einer nicht schriftlichen Gesellschaft’. Tagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde (DGV). Frankfurt / Main: Goethe University. (Unpublished).

24 June 2010. ‘Indigenous and written sources in the production and transmission of historical knowledge on the island of Savu, NTT’. 21st Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA). Singapore: National University of Singapore.

26 August 2010. ‘From anthropology to history: modes of remembering and transmitting historical knowledge; island of Savu, NTT’. 6th EUROSEAS Conference. University of Gothenborg.

5 July 2011. ‘Heroes, stories and histories: the construction of identity on the island of Savu, NTT. Conference of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) AAS / ASAANZ. Perth: University of Western Australia. (Unpublished).

14 December 2011. ‘Dilemmas in writing down the history of an oral society’. Conference History as Controversy: writing and teaching contentious topics in Asian Histories, Singapore: NUS /ARI /SHS. (Unpublished).

5 July 2012. ‘Dutch and British records on Savu (NTT) in the 18th C’. 22nd IAHA Conference, Indonesia, Solo. (Unpublished).

8 February 2013. ‘A historical perspective of eastern Indonesian textiles’. Singapore: FOM.

4 July 2013. ‘Traditional landownership, usufruct and inheritance in modern Indonesia’. 7th EuroSeas Conference. Lisbon: School of Social and Political Sciences.

19 January 2015. ‘Agency and Power in the weaving traditions of Savu’; paper co-presented with Ice Tede Dara (Savu). 5th ASEAN Traditional Textiles Symposium. Chiang Mai.
Agency and Power in the weaving traditions of Savu